Our Services at Sonia McEntee Solicitors

  • Advice to Board of Directors on legal obligations
  • Transition in the Owners Management Company from developer control to owner control
  • Advice on warranties, guarantees, Homebond, Premier Guarantee, Insurance, Planning and Health & Safety laws, Employment law
  • Drafting policy documents for e.g. service charge collection, service of documents, management of capital expenditure
  • Contract negotiation with service providers
  • Mediating disputes between owners
  • Advice on enforcement options e.g. if there is a breach of planning permission
  • Pre-litigation advice which may include advice on dealing with developers, lenders or insolvency
  • Financial advice on service charge and sinking funds
  • Re-instatement of companies struck off
  • MUD Impact & Good Governance Assessment
  • Dealing with your Managing Agent
  • Induction seminars for Directors

Residential Conveyancing

At Sonia McEntee Solicitors we have over 20 years experience in the field of Conveyancing. If you are selling, buying or remortgaging property we look after your interests. From the first contact we will clearly set out the conveyancing process, any fees associated with the transaction and give you an overall idea of the expected timeline. We have a very efficient process for dealing with conveyancing files which ensures a smooth transaction, where you will be fully informed throughout and have any queries or concerns addressed, as they arise.

Contact us today for a detailed quote.

Commercial Conveyancing

We have extensive experience in all aspects of commercial conveyancing including property developments, Company and Property sales and purchases. If you are looking to buy or sell commercial property, whether for business premises, investment purposes, or redevelopment, we are on hand to make your experience as smooth, efficient, and cost-effective as possible.

Our expertise covers all aspects of buying and selling freehold and leasehold property, including pre-contract negotiations, title investigations, Commercial Property Standard Enquiries and replies, lease drafting and review, sale contract drafting and review, liaising with mortgage providers, surveyors and managing agents, arranging the payment of Stamp Duty and attending to registration with The Property Registration Authority.

We understand the unique challenges that can arise with commerical transactions and we have extensive experience with handling high value and complex conveyances. We will tailor our advice carefully to align with your commercial goals and act swiftly and professionally to progress your matter towards completion within a reasonable time frame.


Many tenants simply deal directly with their landlord when they move into a property, and don't take legal advice. For most there will be few issues that arise. For others the Private Residential Tenancies Board can help.

We understand that legal advice can be expensive, and that for many a visit to a solicitor's office comes somewhere close to visiting the dentist! If you require legal advice, contact us by phone or email to arrange a consultation. Once we have discussed your circumstances and needs, we will agree costs with upfront, in a clear and concise manner. We are also happy to arrange advice clinics for tenants, or groups of tenants if required. Please contact us directly by phone, email or enquiry form if you are interested in one of these options.


We provide Landlords with advice on dealing with the Owners Management Company, Attending AGMs and using proxies, Creating Tenancy agreements, Advice on the Private Residential Tenancies Board and your rights and obligations as a Landlord, Advice on other legislation relevant to being a Landlord in Ireland and Providing advice and information on implications to you on updates to the law.

We provide services and advice to an extensive portfolio of Owner's Management Companies in Ireland.
Should find yourself requiring the need for litigation services, we have your back. Our litigation services are smooth and streamlined. In order to provide you with the best advice from the outset, we need you to provide us with all of the information necessary to make your case. This will ensure you make the most of your consultation time and give us a strong understanding of the case to be made, or defended as may be the case.

Following the initial consultation, the basis of any case needs to be examined carefully to ensure not only that there is a basis in law for taking the case, but also that the evidence can be gathered to support it. As every legal action brings with it a risk of losing, we don't encourage clients to take litigation where we feel it is not necessary, or where there are other more suitable and time and cost effective solutions available.
Mediation can provide a structured forum which helps find resolution, avoiding litigation and the Courts, in a cost effective way. Both sides get to outline what their views are in relation to the problems, and consider the view of the other party without having discuss it directly with them. The parties do not meet and the mediator moves between them, helping them to negotiate their own settlement. In some cases, the mediator may assist by making suggestions to help the negotiations along.

Although there is often no obligation to attend mediation, if the parties are not happy with the progress being made, it can be brought to an end. That said however, where agreement is reached to solve the problems, this is written down and agreed to be legally binding.

Mediation sessions are generally organised based on half-day or full-day meetings, and are charged on that basis. Unless the parties agree otherwise, the costs are usually split equally between them. There is no difficulty travelling to accommodate you, provided appropriate meeting facilities are available.

Examples of when mediation can be particularly effective include where house rules are being broken, where there are disputes over car-parking or even between apartment owners and the Board of Directors or Managing Agent involved in the development. In cases where apartment owners are refusing to pay service charges on the basis that the Managing Agent is (or doesn’t appear to be) providing the necessary services, using mediation as a means of restoring a working relationship allows calm and frank exchange of views without confrontation. Many other practical issues can then be dealt with as part of the process.
The Owners Management Company is set up for two distinct reasons:-
  • To take over the running and control of the common areas of the development and
  • By allowing apartment owners to be members of that company, to facilitate the owners having control of the development overall when it was finished.
Unfortunately with the significant changes in the property market seen over the past couple of years, many apartment owners now find themselves in a situation where the developer still controls the management company so that even where the handover of the common areas might now take place, controlling the company is still beyond the reach of members.

  • We are happy to advise and work with Owners Management Companies in relation to the transfer of common areas. To do this in a cost-effective way, we will need access to the agreement which would have been entered into originally by the developer with the Owners Management Company.
  • Under the MUD Act, it is set out that where 80% of units in the development have been sold, then the common areas must be transferred to the Owners Management Company by the 1 October 2011, at the developer's expense. This doesn't in any way remove the obligation on the developer to finish the estate. It does mean that any control that the developer has over the common areas is effectively removed from them and passed to the apartment owners through the Owners Management Company.
  • As part of this process, there is other documentation which has to be handed over to the Owners Management Company which includes the Health and Safety file, guarantees and warranties in place and copies of the Leases in place with individual apartment owners. There is a schedule of these requirements outlined in the MUD Act.
  • Where there are disputes or concerns on any of these issues, the work involved in this handing over can take longer than expected. For this type of service, we usually work with the directors of the Owners Management Company. As the standard and quality of information available can vary very significantly from one development to the next, it's important that we compile as much information as we can before agreeing a fee with you. By taking this approach, an accurate fee can be assessed and agreed with you.
A leading expert in the field of Apartment Law, Sonia McEntee provides workshops and seminars, either online or in person, aimed at training board members of Management Companies. Areas covered incude duties and obligations of Board Directors and Members, corporate governance, the laws affecting Multi-Unit Developments and understanding the role of a Management Company. These workshops and seminars provide Management Compnaies with a strong foundation for professional management and prudent finanical planning for future requirements. Should you be interested in arranging a workshop or seminar, please contact us for more information.
We offer a range of probate services from providing advice, drafting and executing your first Will to obtaining a Grant of Probate for a loved one who has passed or executing an Enduring Power of Attorney.

A Grant of Probate is required where the Deceased's Estate is valued at or above €25,000.00 and is usually the role of the Executor/Executrix of a person's Will. Where the deceased died Intestate, meaning there was no valid Will at the time of death, and a Grant of Probate is required, the law of Succession applies.

As part of this service, we also deal with the administration of the Estate including the sale of property and the gathering of funds due to the Estate such as life insurance etc.

An Enduring Power of Attorney is a legal document in which you appoint an attorney, while your are in good heath and sound mind. The attorney will act on your behalf in the event that you lose the mental capacity to make decisions. This allows you to plan for your future and can bring peace of mind.

Talk to us today about making your Estate Planning needs.

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